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Por designlatin
#43843 Buenos días a todos!

Me pareció chévere, para todos aquellos que nos encanta la aviación!
“I see that you work for the airlines. What do you do? Are you a mechanic?”
“Well, no. I empty the honey buckets. I operate the equipment that removes human waste from incoming aircraft.”
“You must get paid plenty to do a job like that.”
“Are you kidding? I don’t get paid jack.”
“Well, at least the benefits must be good.”
“Benefits? There aren’t any. We have to buy our own medical insurance. Our retirement plan has been terminated. I only get one space-available pass per year for me and my family, and when we try to fly somewhere during my vacation, we always get bumped. The benefits stink.”
“So why don’t you quit and get a better job somewhere else?”
“What? Leave aviation?”

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Por danielexito
#43959 jejejeje... que parche, lo mismo me pasa a mi.... :cry: :cry: :cry:
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Por designlatin
#44211 Muy bueno, no? Sea cual sea el trabajo y/o las condiciones -que pueden ser duras- estamos trabajando directa o indirectamente para la aviación -o, para algunos, pronto lo harán!-